IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions
IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions
IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions
IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions


 Customs Clearance

Imports and Exports for all borders, ports, airports and inland customs of the country.

 Warehousing and Distribution

In San Diego, Laredo, Mexico City International Airport of México City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Cancun.

Labeling, packaging of goods, re jobs, trucks and trailers for local deliveries to customers and distribution centers.

 Consultancy in Foreign Trade

Tariff classifications, import or export requirements, management procedures with all government agencies, import permits for regulatory compliance management and restrictions on foreign trade.

 National and International Transportation

Ground transportation in dry boxes, refrigerated containers, hoppers, platforms etc. Consolidated shipping such as by water, air and rail.

 Logistics Outsourcing Services

We function as your logistics department. We coordinate with your purchasing department. Direct communication with suppliers and customers, coordinating the delivery of your product or raw material to its final destination.

 National and International Transportation

At IPP & IS we know that the freight is a key factor for a product to be competitive. It is necessary to analyze the product type and industry that is being targeted in order to select the best option searching for ways to optimize time and resources allowing the product to arrive to the consumer in the shortest time and at the least cost.

That's why we offer you:

 Ground Transportation:

Dry boxes and refrigerated containers 48 and 53 Ft full 40ft. Platforms, Lowboys, Porta Containers, Hoppers. Torton, 3 ½ and 1 ½ tns Trucks, platform trucks with 20 Ft, etc.

Freight loaded and / or consolidated.

 Shipping by sea:

Dry and refrigerated containers of 20, 40 Ft. 40HC and 53 Ft.
Open Top and Flat Rack Containers.

Consolidated Sea Shipping.

 Rail and Intermodal shipping:

53ft containers., Double-stack service and vans.

 Air Transport:

Consolidated Express.


URGENT Imports!


At IPP & IS we understand what that it means.... having a of stopped production line for lack of a mechanical repairs or because the raw materials are insufficient and need to be replenished urgently to meet the commitments of the company in time, may affect the business relationship with some partners and result in extremely high costs to your company.

That is why we have developed IMPORT EXPRESS, a solution that integrates transportation air or ground quickly, with rapid customs clearance and delivery immediately where you indicate, all coordinated by an account executive providing a unique and personalized service, all presented to you in one bill.

No matter where you find your goods, we bring it to you.


To mention a few.... Tijuana, Laredo, Reynosa, Nogales, Altamira, Veracruz, Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Hidalgo, Mexico City Airport, Mexico City, Toluca, Guadalajara, Queretaro .... We are able to provide nationwide service.

Export Products.

We know that in our country there is a wide variety of high quality products and excellent international demand. Unfortunately, these opportunities are not taken advantage of by our producers due to lack of guidance and information provided to them. If you are a producer and want to export your goods, we support you!

That is why at IPP & IS, we have developed a solution for the internationalization of products, integrating from the export management, to delivery of your goods basing the negotiation on the terms of trade (INCOTERMS), as well as the best packaging of your product, proper packaging, domestic and international transportation , regardless of whether it be a sample container or full trailers.

Customs clearance of export and import in the destination country. Management letters of credit. That is, we make sure that your product arrives safely to their clients in any part of the world.

Mexican Custom Broker

Do you need to urgently import a product and don't havean import permit to Mexico?.

Consulting and Procedures

Need advice on how to import?

Do you know which requirements your goods need to meet to be imported and marketed in the country?

We can advise you!

IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions