IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions
IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions
IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions
IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions


• Resolution of compliance

• Certificate of conformity

The great synergy with our business partners allow us to provide service verification by an ACCREDITED VERIFICATION UNIT (UVA for its initials in Spanish) focused primarily in verifying the information contained on both domestic and imported consumer packaging, labels, warranties and instructions to determine the degree of compliance with the requirements of the Mexican Official Standards of business information (NOM's for its initials in Spanish), thereby guaranteeing that the products at the point of sale, have the necessary information for the consumer.

We are a group of professionals with broad recognition and experience in this field, with sufficient knowledge in this area along with a strong sense of customer service, so our customers feel safe and confident leaving their operations in expert hands with adherence to the applicable legal brand to carry out the activities of conformity assessment with a strict sense of confidentiality, honesty and reliability.

By hiring the services of Unit Testing, the time of customs clearance of imported goods is reduced as it allows you to move your goods to a private home and / or general warehouse for storage, in order to label as well as compliance with NOM’s, a situation that becomes the direct benefit of their foreign trade operations and gives legal assurance in regards to the NOM's to domestically produced goods. Not only does this reduce the customs clearance time, it also reduces costs in the supply chain.

The degree of compliance with NOM's we endorse through the following documents:


Document required by the importers whose goods or products do not meet the required Mexican NOM's for commercialization in the national territory, will have an opportunity to be labeled in a private residence or in a General Warehouse before being sent to market.


Official document that guarantees the fulfillment of origin labeling, according to the Mexican Official Standards, with the endorsement before the Federal Consumer Protection and the General Administration of Customs.

• The VERIFICATION UNIT is accredited and approved to issue documents in the following Mexican Official Standards Business of Commercial Information.

• NOM-004 Textiles, clothing and accessories

• NOM-015 Toys

• NOM-020 Leather and footwear

• NOM-024 Electronic and electrical appliances

• NOM-050 General products without specific rules

• NOM-051 Food and nonalcoholic beverages

• NOM-141 Labeling for perfume and prepackaged beauty products

• NOM-142 Alcoholic Beverages

• NOM-189-SSA1 products and services. Labeling and packaging of toiletries for domestic use.


IPP & IS International procurement products & Integral solutions